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Updates in Emergency Medicine follow Transparent Peer review, publishing peer review reports of publications based on a Double-Blind peer review in which both authors and reviewers are anonymous. The publication fees are waived by Radan Modern Medicine-Equipment Co. till first 2023 issue and further financial plans would be announced. 

Published by Radan Modern Medicine-Equipment Co., our quarterly journal is dedicated to providing the latest research and clinical knowledge in emergency medicine, and to promoting excellence in patient care in this rapidly evolving field.

Our e-ISSN is 2821-2185, and we welcome contributions from researchers and clinicians worldwide.

About Emergency Medicine

Emergency medicine is a specialty that involves the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of acute medical and traumatic conditions, including but not limited to cardiac arrest, stroke, trauma, respiratory failure, and sepsis. It is a fast-paced and dynamic field that requires specialized knowledge and skills to provide timely and effective care to critically ill or injured patients.

The scope of emergency medicine is broad and encompasses a variety of medical disciplines, including internal medicine, surgery, critical care, pediatrics, and anesthesia. Emergency physicians are often the first point of contact for patients presenting with acute medical or traumatic conditions, and their role is to provide rapid assessment and stabilization, as well as appropriate management and disposition.

Journal Content

In this section of the journal, we cover a range of topics related to emergency medicine, including updates on the latest research, case reports, clinical guidelines, and practical tips for managing common emergencies. We hope that our readers will find this section informative and useful in their practice, and we welcome feedback and suggestions for future content.

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Chief Editor: Prof. Mohsen Ebrahimi

Professor of Emergency Medicine, Mashhad, Iran.